If I Were Starting My Business from Scratch What I’d Do

If I Were Starting My Business from Scratch What I'd Do
If I Were Starting My Business from Scratch What I'd Do

Are you a planner? I’m a planner. I’m always thinking about how I can achieve this or succeed at that.

How I could start a business or write and publish a book or create something or go on an adventure.

But beyond planning for future events, I also spent a fair amount of time thinking about things that I already have done and how I might do them differently if I were to do them again.

Now, this isn’t to beat myself up about how poorly I did them the last time, but rather to learn from my mistakes and also to reinforce things that I did right.

That worked really well, because the fact is that I often do things that I have done in the past.

Again, maybe I write a book and then I decide to write another book or I start a business and then I decide to start another business. That one I definitely have done. If you’re new around here, let me give you a little bit of backstory.

Over the last 12 years or so, I’ve started about half a dozen different businesses in a variety of different industries, and I’ve learned a few things along the way.

Now, a couple of these businesses did really well. One of them I sold one of them. I’m currently running today.

A few of them failed and a few of them I simply abandoned because I lost interest or decided to pursue something else.

But through the process of starting each of these businesses, I’ve learned a few things, a few things that worked well. A few things. It didn’t work well and buy a few things. I mean, quite a few things that didn’t work very well.

I’m going to talk to you about how I would build my current business if I worked to start it all over again with absolutely nothing, with none of the connections that I have today or the capital that I have available or the tools or other resources that I have.

If I was starting with nothing, how would I start my business? What would I do the same as I did the first time? And also what would I do differently to grow it even more quickly?

First of all, I’m going to explain the first 10, the steps that I would take in my business to get it off the ground. Then I’m going to tell you about a few tools that I would invest in early on in my business.

But before I get into either the things. Let me just give you a little bit of context in case you’re not familiar with my business.

I run an education and media company here on the Internet. Basically, we create content like videos and written articles. We share them on social media and on our Web site.

And then we sell premium digital programs that entrepreneurs invest in to learn how to grow their businesses.

That is the type of business that I currently run. And it is the type of business that these 10 steps are designed to create. So that being said, let’s get into exactly what I would do to start my business if I was starting all over.

The first thing is I would decide exactly who I was serving and how I was helping them. This is something that I took way too long doing when I started this business.

I spend so much time, literally years debating exactly who I was serving and how I could help them.

Took me a long time to narrow it down. So if I was starting this business again, I would just pick a group of people, pick a person who I knew and try to serve people like that and pick a way that I could help them.

And then I would focus in on that, even if it wasn’t exactly the right group of people, exactly the right target customer or exactly the right problem I was trying to solve for them.

I would have made so much more progress if I just made that decision early on so that I could discover whether or not I made the right decision or the wrong decision.

And if I made the wrong decision, I could pivot. But instead, I just wasted time being indecisive.

The second thing I would do, and this really is the second thing, before creating a Web site or creating a product or anything else, I would create a YouTube channel.

The reason that I would do this so early on is because it takes a YouTube channel a little bit of time to really start to grow.

So first of all, you have time after you start a channel before you’re going to have people who you have to do something with. But second of all, I want to start it as early as possible so I can have that head start so that later on when I have something ready to offer to sell, there are people there ready to buy it. So thing number two is I’d start a YouTube channel.

I’d start making the highest quality videos that I could. And let me just say, this doesn’t require a fancy camera.

Maybe in this situation I happen to have a camera, but maybe I don’t. And if I don’t, I would just use my cell phone. Because really, you can make pretty good quality videos with your phone.

And if you want to start making progress, you really just need to get started with what you have.

So if I started making videos with my phone, that would help me to grow my business.

And then later I would have the money to invest in the camera. If I wait until I have the money, I might be waiting for a really long time. So I would just start with what I had.

My third step would be to create my Web site. Now, a Web site is a necessary, strictly speaking.

However, in order to grow my business effectively, it will be most helpful if I have a Web site, too.

How is the content that I’m creating and the products that I’m going to create and information about my company?

Your Web site is a lot like your business card online, but it’s also like your storefront. You need to have a shop where you can setup your products for sale if you want to make sales.

Now, yes, you could just use landing pages. You could just sell on social media. But it’s not going to be as effective as if you actually have your store setup next.

I would start my email list. Now, what I mean by start my email list is I would sign up for an email marketing software, specifically convert kit. I’ll talk more about that later.

When we’re talking about tools, I would sign for that email marketing software.

I would get it set up on my Web site so that I could then start telling people about why they should subscribe to my e-mail newsletter so that I could start building that e-mail list so that then later, when I have something to sell, I have people who I can tell about it, people who are the right people who are actually interested in that problem, a solution to that problem that my product consoles.

The next thing that I would do is to create a really simple e-mail funnel. So basically, I just write a few emails that will welcome new e-mail subscribers and onto my e-mail list.

And then I would write a few emails that lead my new subscribers to the product that I’m going to sell.

Now, remember, way back at the very beginning of starting this business, I decided who I am serving and how I’m going to help them. So even though I haven’t created a product yet, I know what I’m going to help them with.

So I can start warming up my email subscribers so that they will be ready to buy when I do have a product available. The next thing that I would do is to create a minimum viable product or an end. V. P.

Basically, this is the smallest symbolist version of a product that you can sell and still get your customers the result that they’re looking for. So for example, in my business today, I have a digital program that teaches people how to be successful on YouTube.

So if I was planning to create that course in my business and help people in that way, then my MVP might be a one hour workshop that teaches them all the basics of how the YouTube algorithm works.

That is something that I could sell that would really be helpful and valuable to my customers and would be in alignment with that product. I am planning to create in the future, but it wouldn’t be very difficult for me to create filming the workshop itself.

Obviously would just take an hour and then on top of that, I would have the time that I spent planning and setting up and then we’d have to edit it afterwards. So it would take a few hours to create.

But I’m talking a few hours, maybe a couple days at the most, and I would have a product ready to sell, which means that my business can start earning a profit. From then on now, because prior to creating the minimum viable product, I set up my email funnels.

Now the product should pretty much start selling itself. I already have these emails that I’ve written that are leading people up to the point of purchasing the product.

Now, this system might not be flawless yet, but as long as it is adequate and it is starting to generate some sales, it’s starting to convert some of my email subscribers into paying customers.

I am ready to move on to the next phase, which is to work on building out my product. Now, there are two reasons that I would choose to create a minimum viable product first.

The first reason is because it’s something that I can get out the door quickly. I can create it quickly.

I can start making money a lot faster than if I waited until I had built out a full on digital program or created some other type of product.

The other reason is because when you put a product out into the world, that is when you start to get feedback.

So you find out what people think of your product, you find out what they would like if it included or what they would like if it did for them what they feel it is missing, what they don’t like about it, what they do like about it.

That gives you a lot of really valuable information that you can then use to create a premium product that you’ll be able to sell for a much higher price point.

So this next step that I would take in my business is to create that premium product once my product was finished.

Then I would launch an online event. Most likely this would be a webinar. So this is a free online class that people can.

Tend. And then at the end of the class, there is the opportunity for them to choose to purchase my program.

If they want more information on the topic or they want to go further in that area of their life or their business.

So, for example, if I created this premium chorus about how to be successful in YouTube, then I could offer a webinar about, for example, how the YouTube algorithm works or how to get views on YouTube or how to start your channel.

And then at the end of that webinar, I can offer my paid program. So this next step that I would do with my business is to create this online event.

This means that I would have to schedule the event plan, the topic of the event, outline the content, create a slide deck, and then I would have to actually host the event.

This is something that I didn’t do for a long time when I was starting this business, but I wish I had done it earlier on. I didn’t do it because I found it intimidating.

I thought I didn’t have enough expertise that no one would want to come to, and I wasn’t confident that people would actually buy the product.

So I didn’t want to invest time or money into promoting the webinar, but I wish I had done it sooner.

I wish that I had gone harder on that, that I had created the webinar and I promoted it because I know it would have taken my business to a higher level a lot sooner.

And that leads us right into the next thing that I would do, which is to focus on exposure.

This is something that I really missed out on for the first couple of years of starting this business.

It wasn’t until I started this YouTube channel that my business started to get enough exposure to generate enough prospective customers for us to start really making a good profit every single month.

So if I were starting this business again, I would put an emphasis on exposure early on a few ways that I would work on getting exposure beyond YouTube.

Ah, being a guest on podcasts, writing guest blog posts and Pinterest. Aside from YouTube, those are the things that I’ve found have been the most helpful for getting exposure for my brand and for my products.

The final first step that I would take if I were starting my business all over again would be to hire some help. Now, this is the thing that all of these steps.

I’m not exactly sure where to put it, because even if you are very strategic about building a business, you can’t predict exactly how fast it will take off.

And I would choose to hire much earlier on if I was getting enough exposure from my YouTube channel that I was starting to generate a significant number of sales.

So when I would decide to hire would depend a lot on the exact situation that I was in, how much time I had to spend on my business.

How much revenues business was bringing in different points. I have it last on this list because this is the latest I’d possibly want to hire after having done these other things.

But I quite possibly would choose to hire a few people earlier on. There are two people that I would choose to hire first.

But it is what allows me to create high quality videos here and YouTube. I can’t do it without the editing. And if I’m doing the editing, that’s taking me away from a lot of other things that I could be doing. So I’d hire a video editor.

That’s something that I didn’t do in this business. I think as soon as it was a good idea for me to do, I wish I’d started my YouTube channel sooner than I did.

But I hired an editor. About nine months after starting the channel.

And it was a really good time for me to do it because it had given me the time to develop my style a little bit and to figure out what I was doing with a camera and just to kind of get the messy beginning out of the way and also to have a better understanding and appreciation for the editing process.

I was able to communicate with the editor a lot better because I had had the experience of doing it myself.

The other person that I would hire, person number two, would be a project manager. So I have a project manager who now is more of an operations manager in my business today.

But I did not hire this person until about six months ago. So until they’d been in business for over four years, I honestly think that if I had hired a project manager sooner, it would have had a dramatic impact on our growth.

Having a project manager really has freed up my mind to be able to consider new projects that we can take on and to focus on actually doing my work, because no longer am I having to keep track of every single task to finished every single project.

Someone else has taken a responsibility for making sure we get to the finish line on every project we take on. And so I don’t have to use my energy to mentally manage those. Checks.

OK, before we wrap this up, let’s just go over the tools that I would invest in early on if I were starting this business again.

Now, when I started this business, I didn’t invest in hardly any tools for quite a while because honestly, I didn’t have the confidence that my business was going to be successful.

But that really helped me back because some of these tools have allowed me to grow my business a lot more effectively than I ever could without them.

So I was keeping myself small because I thought my business might not be successful. So it was kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. OK.

So I would either use light works or a jump cut or dive into resolve.

When I was first starting to learn how to edit, I was using Windows Moviemaker. And I’m really happy that I started there because it was really simple.

It allowed me to get my feet wet without it being too overwhelming. But when does movie maker doesn’t exactly exist anymore. You still can get it, but it’s difficult to get. It’s not standard anymore.

So I would try each of these free programs and choose the one that I liked the best.

All of them are good, though. So you can pick any of them. By the way, I’ll leave links to each of these tools down below so you can check them out.

So I would choose one of those programs or if I was filming with my phone, then I would invest in Adobe Premiere Rush, which is a fantastic app that I have used plenty of times that allows you to edit videos on your phone.

It costs ten dollars a month and I think it’s well worth it. I haven’t found any other mobile editing program that gives you the quality that you can get with Adobe Premiere Rush. So that’s the first tool I would invest in.

The second tool would be a software for my Web site. Now my Web site currently is built on WordPress and I don’t have any plans for switching because I’m pretty happy with my Web site.

And it has a lot of functionality that I really appreciate. But if I was starting again, I would honestly start with Squarespace. No, this video that not sponsored. I know everyone and their mother and their dog is sponsored by Squarespace.

I am not. But I would choose to start a Squarespace because I literally wasted years trying to figure out WordPress. I just spent so many hours on that that I could have spent getting exposure for my business or creating products if I was starting again.

I’d start with Squarespace or maybe Wick’s or Whibley. But I have looked into each of these options fairly extensively, and Squarespace does seem to be the best option of this type of tool.

OK, there are two more tools that I would invest in. One of them is convert kit.

This is the most expensive tool on my list here. It starts at about twenty nine dollars a month.

And it’s the email marketing system that I currently use. And I’ve actually used this one from the very beginning and I would highly recommend it convert.

It is a fantastic there. Deliverability is great, which is really important. It allows you to segment your email lists so that you can send emails to specific groups of people.

And it also allows you to create automatic sales funnels. So it has a lot of benefits.

And even though it can feel a little pricey when you’re first starting out, I think it’s well worth the price tag. Final tool that I’d invest in is teachable.

Teachable is the chorus hosting platform that I use and love teachable actually as a free plan that works just fine and when you’re first starting out.

So I would probably just go with that at the beginning and then I would upgrade to one of their apaid plans once I got to the point where I needed some more features.

But just in case you’re wondering, you can create your courses with the free plan. You can sell them on the free plan.

You still get pretty much all the profits. The payment processing fees are little higher.

When you’re on the free plan, may you still get most of the profits. So if you’re just starting out, you want to create an online course.

I would highly recommend looking into that. I’ll leave a link for all these tools down below so that you can find them easily.

They’re all tools that I use myself and really, really love. OK, well, this was a bit of a long video. Sorry that it went so long. to use and podcasts.

Tell me, Downbelow, if you listen to podcasts, I am hopefully going to be starting a podcast next year because.

I love YouTube and I’m definitely not leaving YouTube, but videos like this. I mean, did you really need to stare at my face this whole time?

I think that maybe you could have been doing something else, like going on a wall. And listening to this at the same time instead.

So that’s why I’m thinking about starting a podcast. But let me know down below if I started a podcast, if you would.

Listen, also, before I wrap this up, I wanted to let you know that we have another round of the profit planning challenge coming up.

The profit planning challenge is a free for day event that I host periodically that guides you Step-By-Step through the process of creating a profit plan for your business.

A profit plan is a lot like a business plan, but it’s focused in on how your business creates profit so that you can maximize your profit.

Once you create your profit plan, you’ll be able to increase your profit while decreasing your work hours. You’ll be able to make more money in your business while working less.

Does that sound good to you? Sounds pretty good to me. I know that creating a profit plan had a major impact on my business.

Like I said, the challenge is completely free starting up here really soon. I’ll post a link down below. You can click on that link to see the exact dates that the challenge will be happening.

But I hope that you decide to join us because I would love to work with you on creating a profit plan for your business.

OK, well, that’s all I’ve got for you guys today.

You can click that red button down below right now and you can also ring the bell if you wanna be notified.


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