On YouTube 7 Ways To Get More Views


Hey, guys, what’s up? So if you’re going to get more views on YouTube, then I want to tell you a little secret.

There’s something that a lot of aspiring YouTube birds do to try to get views. That actually is hurting their channel.

And I definitely don’t want you to make that mistake. I’m going be sharing with you seven different things that you can do to get more views.

The first six of them are actually things to do in the seventh. One is that thing that I do not want you to do because it’s going to keep your channel small. So let’s get into it.

What are those seven things you can do to get more views on every video on your channel?

The first thing we’ll at least sound incredibly obvious, People make videos about all sorts of things, But other times, the topics are chosen because of keyword research.

This is definitely what I would recommend. You want to get more views on YouTube, because the fact is that we don’t have to guess about what will be successful here on this platform. The data is there.

We can go and look at other people’s channels to see what’s already been successful. We can use keyword research tools to do this research.

Most of this is completely free and it can have a big impact on you. A while back,And if you’re interested in learning more about how to do.

The second thing you need to do if you want to get more views on YouTube is to design click worthy thumbnails before someone decides.

They don’t have very much information about it. They only have the title and the little thumbnail picture.

So you need to make sure that you design a click worthy thumbnail thumbnail that will actually attract people’s attention and intrigue them to click.

So as far as attracting attention goes, typically what’s going to work here is if you’ve got someone’s face in the thumbnail and you can see their eyes and perhaps bright colors.

However, there’s certainly something to be said for simply going against the grain.

So if you see a lot of people designing thumbnails for the type particular style, just doing something different can actually help your thumbnail to stand out.

And then we need to intrigue people and get them to click. This can be done in two different ways.

One way is to provoke their curiosity. So there’s something strange in the thumbnail.

You know, maybe the person in the thumbnail is making a certain expression and you’re wondering why would they be making that expression?

Or you see something kind of in the background. You’re not sure what it is. So triggering their curiosity.

The other way is to make these thumbnail just look so attractive that it makes them want to click.

So maybe it’s a really beautiful picture. So, for example, if I was to look up on YouTube, how to make chocolate cupcakes.

I’m probably going to click on the one that has the most appealing thumbnail in terms of what the cupcakes actually look like.

The one that looks like the type of cupcakes that I want to make. The third thing you can do to get more reviews, ties in with those click worthy thumbnails.

But it’s not titles that I’m talking about. It is actually the content of your video, having the content be interesting and engaging.

Now, first, that might sound like it doesn’t have all that much to do with thumbnails. But the reason it relates to thumbnails is because there’s only two things that YouTube actually cares about.

Do people click on your videos when they are suggested to them? And then how long do they keep watching them?

You want to have plenty of interrupts so that people aren’t bored when they’re watching. They don’t get distracted by all those tempting, tempting suggested videos over there in the side column.

You need to keep their attention riveted. And the reason why this is going to help you get more views is because when YouTube sees that people are interested.

YouTube wants videos that people like because that keeps people on the platform, YouTube for a longer.

The next thing you can do to get more views is to pull your audience before you make a video. Now, this does two things.

First of all, it gives you more information about what topic people actually want. just like we were talking about in that first point.

So it’s great to find out what people in general want to see, but it’s way more valuable to find out what your audience wants to see.

you won’t be able to pull them on YouTube, but you might be able to pull them on a different platform if the same people are following you on multiple platforms.

If that isn’t the case right now, then I would work on in your asking people to go follow you on Instagram or some other platform where you will be able to pull them, at least until you have that feature on YouTube, because you probably know that YouTube doesn’t allow small creators to pull their audiences.

Oh, and another way that you can get around that is to not do a proper poll like in the YouTube community.

But just in your videos, say, which of these two videos do you want to see? Next comment down below and tell me.

Or you can sometimes use up in the corner a card that has a pole in it. So those are three different options for how you can pull your audience to find out what they actually want.

The other reason why this is a really good strategy, aside from the you are learning more about what your audience wants, is it’s building anticipation.

So you’re saying, what do you want? And the child says, I’ll take the Brockley, not the green beans. And then you hand them the broccoli and they’re much more likely to eat it because they picked it.

Now, this is obviously a bit of a different situation than trying to get your kid to eat their vegetables.

But the same thing kind of applies because people have said what they want. They’re gonna want it even more.

Another way that you can get more of you is, is to get featured in the media. And at first, this might seem practically impossible, especially if you have a small channel.

But there’s all sorts of great examples of people who have done this even when they had a small channel. Here’s the fact of the matter.

The people who make the news and are publishing news on the media, they need stories.

And so if you can hand them a story that is in fact interesting, then they will say thank you and they will want to share it. Now, of course, the story has to be interesting and has to actually be news.

It can’t just be, you know, new video on my channel. Right. But if you can make a story out of your video, then you can get some free exposure in the media.

A great example of this is a girl named Karen X who used this strategy to create a viral video on her channel. She invented something called the Donat Selfie. And that’s just this silly little camera trick.

Not all that much to add. And by a few, I actually mean a few dozen media outlets. And the story that she pitched was that people are trying the new Donat selfie trend. And that was completely true.

People were trapped in the new donut selfie trend. Now, in fact, all of the people who were trying it were her friends, who she had asked to do this, but she pitched it as a story.

And sure enough, a few different news media outlets actually picked it up a store and ran it.

She got a lot of free exposure because the more people who featured it, the more people who wanted to feature, the more people who were talking about it.

And that simple little video went on to get over a million views on YouTube. Another way that you can get more views on YouTube is to get featured on other people’s channels or even on podcasts or blogs.

So a lot of the time this is called doing a collaboration with another channel.

And it might be you and another creator making a video together. But you also might go on their channel or go on their show as a guest.

There is all sorts of fun ways that you can do this or you can keep it super simple. But the fact of the matter is that if you can get in front of someone else’s subscribers or followers, then that is going to give you more exposure for your channel.

You’re going to be introduced to more people. And so if you make a good first impression, then they will discover your channel and they’ll be interested in finding out more about it and possibly. OK.

And that brings us to the seventh way that you can get more views on YouTube.

And it’s actually something that you need to stop doing. Now, this is gonna sound totally counterintuitive because most people do this.

But let me explain. So I would highly recommend that you stop promoting on other social media platforms. Now, this is not blanket advice.

There are certain situations in which this is actually a great idea. And I’ll get into those situations in a minute.

But here’s the thing. A lot of aspiring YouTube bears. They’ve just started out their channel. They’re just trying to get traction.

And they spend a lot of time promoting their videos on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook and any other popular social media platform. And they think, well, I have a few followers over there. And so, you know, every view counts.

And I want my YouTube channel to be as successful as possible. So I definitely should be sharing it with as many people as I can. But here’s the reason why that isn’t a good idea.

YouTube has spent millions and millions of dollars building an incredibly powerful algorithm that matches up viewers with videos that those viewers want to watch.

So it’s matchmaking. It’s finding content that people want to consume. well, it’s going to be pretty inefficient.

It’s going to be pretty slow going. So if you had to say a few hundred or a few thousand Instagram followers, for example, and you told them about your latest.

how many of them do you think are actually going to convert from Instagram to YouTube?

They’re actually going to leave Instagram and go watch your video on YouTube.

Not very many. Especially because even if you put a link in your Instagram profile to your YouTube, it doesn’t open in the YouTube app.

And so people are watching it, not signed into their YouTube account. And so it’s not going to have as big of an impact.

And a lot of the time, people just don’t even choose to stop scrolling. Go to your profile, click on that link and watch the video at all. So it just doesn’t work very well.

A very, very small percentage of people actually convert. And if you only have a few thousand followers or even less on Instagram, then it’s really going to be less than just a few hundred views that you will get from taking your time and energy to promoting on these other platforms.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, but it doesn’t take me very long. I can just, you know, pull up the Instagram app. Right. A quick post, you know, add a picture.

And, you know, it took me, what, five minutes? Well, here’s the thing. What else could you do that? Five minutes.

Here’s one thing you could do with it. He could work on making your YouTube just a little bit better.

You could take that five minutes and turn your camera in a different direction and shoot a little bit of B roll to add into your video and to make your more interesting and engaging.

And that means that YouTube will think people like you better and YouTube will share it with more people.

And like I said, that YouTube algorithm, it figures out who wants to watch your videos a lot better than we can figure out, just trying to use our brains.

The other thing about taking the time and energy to share your content on social media is just that it’s a distraction.

We need to focus in on making the best content that we can here on YouTube if we really want to stand out.

And if we’re doing a million other things and constantly distracting ourselves by posting on social media, then it’s going to take away from the attention that we’re giving to the YouTube videos themselves.

Now, like I said, it’s not always a bad idea to be posting on social media, especially in two situations.

The first situation is if you have a really big audience on some other platform and you will actually be able to drive a significant number of views.

So if you have thousands and thousands of followers on another platform, you should let them know.

You know, I have a new video. Another situation in which I think it’s a good idea is if you’re posting anyway, you might as well mention that you have a new because that’s going to be just free of use.

Right. And that might be the case if you’re working on growing an audience on another platform. And so you’re trying to post really consistently on that platform.

Like I said, might as well mention your YouTube. It’s just more content put on that other platform. And then the final situation is one that a lot of you actually might be in right now.

And that is when you are very, very first starting your YouTube channel and you’re just trying to get your first handful of views on each.

In that case, every view does count. And so if you can post on Instagram and get even five or ten more views on that, it really will be worth it when you’re first first starting out.

So there are several situations in which promoting your videos on other platforms is a good idea, but there’s also a pretty good chance that it’s not a good idea.

So right now, maybe you are just first starting out and you want to a need to tell everyone who you possibly can about your channel and yes, do that.

But once you get that first little bit of traction and it starts to grow and you start to see that YouTube is recommending you and you are getting views that you aren’t driving yourself, then I really would encourage you to take that time that you’re spending posting on other platforms and instead reinvest it into making better OK.

So that was a seven different ways to get more views here on YouTube.

I know some of them are pretty obvious. Some of them maybe aren’t doing right now.

And I’m curious to know your thoughts about that last point about not promoting on other social media platforms. Is that something you’ve ever thought of before? Do you agree? Do you disagree either way? Leave me comment down below to let me know.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I also would love to know what you think the best thing that you’ve done to promote your YouTube channel has been. What have you done that has really helped your YouTube channel to grow?

Let me comment down below and let me know. OK, guys. Well, that is it for this


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