My Youtube Strategy Changing

My Youtube Strategy Changing
My Youtube Strategy Changing

Hey, everyone, welcome to a livestream. Haven’t done one of these in a while. I’m going to pull off this livestream real quick over here on my computer so that I can see your comments as well.

Thank you so much for joining me. So as you can see from the title of this video, my YouTube strategy, my YouTube schedule, they are changing pretty dramatically.

It’s going to be the biggest change that has happened on my channel in quite a while.

So I want you guys to honestly be in the know and to get. Just to be clued in on exactly what is happening.

So that’s why I’m doing this video. I’ve got up on my computer now. I’ll be able to see in comments that you guys post right now, if you could just post it. I think of the comments.

Don’t tell me which way they are because I’m using my phone to stream live today and I don’t know. Oh, I can I can look at my video, Kantai. It’s this way. Posting the comments.

Tell me where you’re at, where you’re watching this right now and say hi. Thanks. OK.

So, yeah, it’s going to be the biggest change to my YouTube strategy in quite a long time.

If you guys are here for this last dream and you were here for the last livestream as well, then you know about the weird technical trouble we had last time.

I’m using a way simpler setup this time of just streaming from my phone because I got a new phone. It’s a No. Ten.

So I can do that and still try and figure out if there is an advantage to streaming from the computer.

I mean, I can do some cool effects, but it’s a lot more complicated. So anyway, so here are the things that I’m going to be telling you about. I have some notes here.

First one is kind of just talking about how frequently it’s good to post on YouTube and why I’m going to be changing the frequency. And I’m going to talk about what the new schedule will actually be.

And then kind of the behind the scenes business strategy, reason of why this is a good choice for my business, because as you guys probably know, YouTube is.

Ok. I don’t know what just happened, it it froze on your end, on my end, it just completely stopped streaming.

So that’s exciting. You guys should be able to see me again now. So hopefully. But this will actually work because I haven’t done this before.

OK, so my business strategy reason and then what they’re not this is going to affect the health of my YouTube channel.

And then finally, I’ll tell you exactly what this is yet, but an exciting announcement about something new that’s happening in twenty twenty. So, OK,

so the first question is, how frequently should you post on YouTube anyway? Because we see channels posting and all sorts of different frequencies.

Anything from once a month or obviously even less frequently than that. But I think that once a month is about the least frequently that most new channels consistently posts all the way up to once a day or multiple times a day.

And as you guys probably know, I’ve been posting twice every single week now. How frequently does the new algorithm want you to post?

Well, a lot of people think that the YouTube algorithm wants you to be really active. And the thing more often you post, the better your videos will rank, the more reach you’ll get.

But that’s actually not the case at all. The YouTube algorithm doesn’t care how frequently you post. It wants your tail to be active.

If you’re just posting over several months, then it is going to consider your channel to be inactive and it will not push your out as much.

But as long as you are posting at least every couple months, your channel is active. And the YouTube algorithm will treat your videos the same regardless of how frequently you’re putting them out.

But here’s how your frequency does affect the YouTube algorithm. And what I mean by that is they will consider there to be loss of you and they might as well watch this line as the next one.

They’re not unique. They’re not special because there are lots of them. The fewer videos you make, the more people consider your videos to be valuable because they are scarce.

So when people see a resource as scarce, then they consider it to be more valuable. This is why people think of one of the reasons why people consider gold to be valuable.

There’s not all that much of it in the world compared to other metals.

And then if you don’t make a video for a few weeks or a few months, then by the time your next video comes out, those new, when they see that pop up., they’re going to think. Who is this person?

Never seen her before.But at the same time, making enough videos that people won’t forget who you are. And between that and you’re able to actually build that relationship with them.

Jerry, Charlie, he says, I wish he’s reading the comments and reading the comments are popping up on the screen.

I’m not very good at talking and reading the comments at the same time. Sorry about that, but I am keeping my eye on them.

Some people are asking where I’m I am. And Tara Wagner is totally right. I mean, the Pacific Northwest, specifically Oregon. So it is four o’clock my time right now.

I’m a West Coast girl. There is obviously never done a live stream. It’s nearly impossible to talk. And, oh, she’s talking to to our friend who said I wasn’t reading the comments.

Jerry. Charlie. Yeah. I have a few live streams, but not very often. And every time I do it, I do it in a slightly different way, like with a different camera or something. And so I don’t seem to ever figure out really how to do it.

But I know I can’t really read the comments and see I’m trying to read the comics. I can’t really read the comments and talk at same time.

Some people’s brains can do that. Mine cannot anyway. OK. So how frequently should you post on a post? Too frequently.

But you don’t want to post infrequently. And also and this kind of bleeds on into the next thing on a child about which was my old YouTube as well versus my current YouTube schedule and why that’s changing.

So basically when I started my YouTube channel, I made one video a week. This was back about two and a half years ago.

And I did that because I thought that just very like vanilla. I can do that. I can have a routine around that. That’s something that I can commit to. I am not always good at committing to things and sticking to them and being consistently posting on social media. It’s not something that comes very naturally to me.

And so I knew that if I wanted to be successful, I’d I’d be consistent and I needed to have something that wasn’t too much.

And also, I could build a really strong record. And when you do something once a week or was the day, you couldn’t build a consistent routine around it. So I did it once a week.

Then what happened was after just two or three months, I saw this YouTube thing is is having an impact on my business already.

And so I decided to go all in and to double my YouTube efforts so that I could see if that would create twice the result.

And specifically, what I noticed was that every that I put out. Well, two things.

And it just kept growing. But it was consistent.

And so that was the first thing. And the second thing was that I noticed that every video was kind of like a lottery ticket. And what I mean by that is it was casting another another something.

Oh, my goodness me. And my expressions. Here we go again, casting another something into the hat. I don’t know, like your name into the happening. Another name in the hat of you could be the winner because the YouTube algorithm is sharing your video around.

People might like it. They might love it. And if they love it, if they click it, if they watch it, then YouTube seem to share it with more and more people.

So every video is a chance to win and potentially have a go viral. And the reason that you really want those viral is because that’s when you’re you and therefore your channel gets shared with more and more and more new people who’ve never heard of it before.

It’s kind of the definition of viral. Is it spreading from one to another to another to another, and it’s multiplying as it goes.

Well, that’s good. You know, it certainly doesn’t hurt anything, but it when it goes viral, even if it just goes viral a little bit. That’s when your channel really grows.

So so I decided to bump it up to two videos per week to increase my odds of having videos go viral and growing the channel even faster.

And it really did work when a channel grew twice as fast. And it’s interesting because it’s not twice as fast.

Like I was getting two hundred subs a month and I’m getting 400 as and captain for Enda’s, my channel is growing exponentially. And so it doubled that exponential growth.

And it just took off like a rocket. So if you are like, interested in making you to a main thing in your life or in your business, you really want your channel to grow.

And right now, you’re doing some minimum level of like one video a week, try and doing more.

And second of all, like you might get burned out. It might be more than you can handle. I know that would be a lot more than I can handle.

You’re going to run into seriously diminishing returns, which means that each video each and. Well, isn’t going to do that much more for your channel, because, like I said, it’s going to make your less valuable anyway.

So I counted up to two videos. This was fantastic for the Grisman Channel. My channel grew even faster. It’s really helped me get to where I am right now.

But for the first two this year, the big announcement, not like there’s another announcement later on about some of the cool new that’s happening.

But the big announcement for right now is that I am going to be cutting back to one video per week for the foreseeable future. Now, I know that that’s probably not what a lot of you want to hear, but there are a lot of reasons why I’ve decided to do this.

The first one is that YouTube. Obviously a huge part of my business, but it is time consuming to make videos and I’ve noticed that sometimes, especially considering the length of time that I’ve made videos for me, a lot of videos at this point.

And so it’s more difficult to find good ideas now. Certainly, I’ve not run out of ideas. I still have a list of dozens and dozens and dozens of video ideas that I want to make.

But I’ve made a lot of that I really wanted to make already. And so now it’s just a little bit more difficult to find good ideas.

And so by cutting back to one video per week, I can make sure that I’m only bringing you guys the very best videos and specifically on the topics I think you guys really want to see instead of adding and fluff just to make sure that there’s two a week.

The other main thing is that you guys have great questions, like I am reading your comment. I just can’t answer all of them.

The other big thing is that we just have some really big projects coming up in 2020. I’m not going to and now I’m just going to start with one of those projects today.

But there’s some big projects, both personal and business projects that are coming up in 2020. And I want to make sure that I continue to be consistent on YouTube. And by cutting back to one video a week.

It is going to give me so much more wiggle room because I’m not going to film less videos each week. I’ve been filming two every single week or three some weeks so that I have a little bit of wiggle room built in. But I’m going to continue to film two a week so that I can take weeks off of filming when I need to.

And that’s going to make sure that I can keep being consistent. Another thing that I notice that is making me make this decision is that when your YouTube channel isn’t as focused on a specific topic or helping people in a specific way, your YouTube channel, YouTube videos will perform as well.

That’s because if someone if let’s let me give you an example. If on your channel you talk about five different topics, topic A, B, C, D and E.

Ok. Then if someone watches one of your videos, let’s say things about topic A, they subscribe to your channel.

And then a few days later or next week, you make a video. And it’s about topic B, OK, well, some of your subscribers, maybe about a fifth or twenty percent of your subscribers, they are there for topic B and they’ll be excited to watch that.

Weirdly, some of them will be right. Like maybe not all of them are exactly particularly interested in that topic, but they’re interested in that general topic.

But all the people who subscribe because of topics A, C, D or E, they’re not going to be interested in topic B, and then that makes the YouTube algorithm thing basically that most people don’t like you, that they’re not interested in it. In reality, You don’t click on it. Right?

But when you have subscribers that have a bunch of different interests, you will notice that your views on you will be kind of low.

And if you guys have ever taken a look at my channel or a lot of channels in my category, actually you’ve probably noticed the views on my videos are not that . And this is something that I really want to work on improving in 2020.

And the way that I can improve this is by making sure that my videos are more focused on the main topic, which is the strategies for building a successful online business, for earning money online and everything related to that, including obviously YouTube strategies, because YouTube started.

These are a huge part of how I earn a living online. But I want to make sure that I stay focused in on that so that I can serve all of my subscribers as well as possible.


So new. OK. So one day a week is going to be every week on Tuesdays at eight a.m. Pacific, which is a different time than normal.

We have been doing Tuesdays and Thursdays at four p.m., but it’s going to be every Tuesday morning at eight a.m.

So I hope that this makes them happy because I used to post videos in the morning and then I switched to afternoon.

So now you will be getting them first thing in the morning on Tuesday mornings. And the reason that we picked this time is because I took a look at my analytics, my daily analytics and my analytics for the weeks. And I see that most.

So I believe that this time is going to work very well and that it will also work well for all of our international viewers who wear it like the time as much later for them. So they’ll be able to watch the video in the evening. But we’ll see how it goes.

And, of course, we could change the schedule in the future if for some reason that doesn’t do as well. But that is the plan. I’m Terry asked, how did we find the time and analytics?

If you look at the real time analytics and you can see it at least for the last two days, I think that there is a way you can see it other than that. I just was watching it for over the period of a couple of weeks.

I’m just checking it every couple days. And it was consistently being mid-morning for me. Yeah. Free spirits. Thank you, that will be great for us on the East Coast, though. That is what I’m hoping, just that it serves more people around the world.

Ok. So I also wanted to talk about my behind the scenes like business strategy, So in order to make money online or have a successful business, you basically need three things.

You need to have some sort of products that you’re selling. You need to have some people who are interested in buying that product and then you need some way of selling that product to those people.

Well, one more thing that you need, and this is kind of goes just along with the people, is you need to have visibility, like people need to find out that you exist, the true business exist, that your product exists. YouTube is part of my business strategy as part of my marketing strategy.

And it works fantastic for getting exposure, for being visible, for getting leads. So prospective customers. And that is great.

But the weak part of my business is I have got leads, leads and leads and leads. Right. But that’s the weak part of my business right now is the sales systems.

So the systems that are getting people from finding out about me and opting into my email list or signing up for or like follow me on social media to purchasing the products that we have.

And so when I look at my business plan for 2020 and what I need to do in order to grow the company successfully, I don’t need to focus on lead gen strategies because we’ve got plenty of leads.

I really need to focus on improving our conversion rates, which is like the percentage of people who make it from just finding out about your brand to actually purchasing a product.

So, I mean, we’ve been working on this for a while, but I realized that if I cut back on my YouTube videos, that’s going to buy me a few more hours, probably about two extra hours per week that I can really focus in on just improving those sales systems.

So that’s my business strategy. Reason definitely is not necessarily permanent. We might increase it back to two videos per week. That definitely won’t happen anytime in the next six months.

This will be permanent for at least the next six months, probably for the next year, but it could change in the future, like once our sales systems are top notch and that they’re converting really, really well.

One little thing I just want to address is if any of you are thinking about making less videos or something like that and you’re wondering, oh, I don’t know if I can do that, I might hurt my channel or my engagement or my views, something like that.

Well, I just want to encourage you, reassure you that it won’t because of how the YouTube algorithm works.

Like I said, it doesn’t care whether or not or like how frequently you post. So as long as you’re posting frequently enough that people don’t forget who you are. Your channel will continue to be.

Your channel will continue to take care of this. I’ve got to ask someone to moderate. I’m sorry, guys.


As long as I sing, as long as people don’t forget about you, posting less frequently is not going to have any effect on your channel. Aside from it, might have an effect on your channel’s gross.

Tara, are you around? I’ll make you a moderator. Mean your moderator, Tara.

Terror has gotten a promotion and then received a promotion. There is now a moderate orange can delete things for me.

OK, what was I saying? So the thing that will affect is it is going to affect my channel’s growth rate.

I’m almost scared of that because my channel’s growth is directly derived from views on my channel.

I just also terrorist’s name is not territory, his name is Tara. I’m pretty sure I’m sorry, Tara. But I’m saying your name. I’m.

My goodness. I’m super distracted now, OK? that goes viral on YouTube, that’s new people finding out about my channel.

And then people a certain percentage of those people go on to subscribe to my channel. which means that I will probably girl my channel at half the rate will.

It’ll be interesting to see exactly how that pans out. Right now, I’ll just give you the exact numbers so we can maybe compare in the future. Right now, I’m getting coming up here.

How many subscribers per month I’ve gotten?

Nine thousand seven hundred twenty seven. So just under 10000 subscribers in the last 30 days here or 28 days, actually.

And that’s very normal for my channel.

I can open growing at this rate for for the past couple of years, basically, pretty much for two full years, I’ve been getting 10000 subscribers a month.

So we’re gonna cut down to one video a week. And it’ll be really interesting to just see if that number cuts down to 5000.

It might not cut in half for me simply because I have such a library of content that at this point.

So it might not cut in half for me if your channel is younger, less of a library of content, that would be more likely to actually do that.


So the last thing that is on my my agenda for today is.

Ok. That’s OK, Tara. Tara so she has to drive. I need to, like, promote someone else who wants a promotion.

Give me a comment if you want a promotion. You want a promotion. Get me promoted to moderator.

I can have multiple moderators. The Birdbath and Feeder Diaries is now a moderator and James William James William is a moderator.

So both of you guys. OK. And. Tronic Spicks will be a moderator. OK.

That should work. Thanks, guys. Appreciate your help. Listen, about some of the moderate. I forgot about that issue.

We have had the suspense, guys, as you wait for my announcement. But we’re just like had a really rough week. Kind of.

We were traveling for a couple weeks and we were sick while we were traveling. And then we came back and we were so just relieved to be home. Yeah, we’re doing really well. You want to be home?

And we came back and our cats have fleas. We don’t know how they got fleas while we were gone, but they have fleas. So we are dealing with trying to get rid of fleas, which is just great.

And then my son randomly through the morning. Don’t know why. Just like not the fun stuff. So, yeah.

So that’s why I have a moderator, because guys just have like of frustrating and overwhelming day.

And so then I was finally like putting together my outline for this livestream right before. And I forgot about asking some of the moderate. So I’m sorry, guys. OK.

So the last thing that the big announcement is, yes, I am starting a podcast, so give it up in the comments.

If you were excited about having a podcast, we are going to start a podcast. In January, it is going to be released at the end of January.

There should be about five episodes up when it is released. We have gotten a lot of the details worked out except for the name. It doesn’t have a name yet. So we are still working on that.

Let me tell you what the podcast is going to be about, because I’m really excited about this.

Basically, over the last few years, as I’ve built my business, I went from like struggling and struggling for a few years trying to get off the ground, trying all sorts of different strategies that didn’t work. Finally, it started growing.

And then, like I’ve watched my business grow dramatically over the past few years.

But one thing that I’ve noticed is that my success really does not correlate to the number of hours that I work when my business was not succeeding.

I was working a good 30 hours a week on the business, plus additional work to earn money.

Otherwise, my business started growing again. Still working 20 to 30 hours a week on it.

Now I’m working about 20 hours a week on it. So my success just highly correlated with the number of hours that I’ve worked at all. Not but very easily. I can let my work take over my life.

Thanks, Bo. Both donated five dollars to help towards the monitor. OK.

So basically I see some people working really crazy hours, working 40, 50, 60 hours a week, working nonstop and maybe they’re successful, maybe they’re not. And then I see me over here.

I’m working 20 hours a week. And it really depends on which strategies I use. Like, that’s what affects my success.

What affects my profits specifically and my income. And then I see other people who are working even less than me and absolutely killing it. And so I really want to focus in on strategies.

Less strategies will really help you create the biggest amount of success and earn the most income.

Well, not taking your time. So what are the most efficient strategies to reach your goals? Which strategies are the most effective?

So that’s what the podcast is going to focus in on, basically how to build a successful, profitable online business in twenty hours a week or less. One kind of special feature of the Bye Bye Tara.

One special feature on the podcast is going to be that we are going to do monthly income reports. They think that this is something that you guys will be into.

These income reports are gonna be a little different than you might have heard on other podcasts or on blogs.

In that, I’m going to be sharing with you obviously specific numbers, but I’m also going to share with you like what I did to earn the income or what the expense was for, like why I chose to make an expense and specifically if a number changes dramatically like it.

One month I made ten thousand dollars from core sales and then the next month for some reason and a twenty thousand dollars from core sales.

I’m going to share with you what I did that caused the increase and how long it took. So not only am I going to share with you the income report itself, but I’m also going to share with you my hours that I worked.

Now I know the hours that I worked probably wouldn’t be that exciting in and of themselves, but I want to be accountable to you guys about not over someone else.

Is this the reef? Where is this live? This is live. Hi. I want to be accountability. Devi’s about not overworking, like being authentic with what I am teaching that you can earn more working. Let’s.

But I also want you to see how little time some of these strategies take and so we can see which strategies really have the biggest payoff because sometimes, like not going to lie.

Sometimes I spend 20 or 30 hours on a strategy that ends up not producing very big results.

Other times I do something that takes me an hour and it ends up earning me thousands of dollars.

So I think it’ll be really interesting to look at an income report from that perspective of basically how much do I ultimately earn per hour so that you guys can know which strategy will really have the biggest payoff for you.

So that’s just going to be one of the episodes that we do every single month.

We are also going to have lots of just great training on strategies that you can use in your business to earn more while working less.

And we’re going to have one or two guests each month that will share. Also, what is happening in their business and what is really working for them.

And I’m going to ask Ali, some of our guests, the question, if you had to cut your working hours down to 20 hours per week or less.

What would you keep? What would you continue doing and what would you cut? OK.

So that’s basically what the podcast is all about. I hope that you guys are as excited about it as I am.

If you’ve never listen to a podcast before or it’s not something that you’re into. I would love to just have you try it, see if you like it. I would love to be the person who gets you into listening to podcast because listening to bypass has really had a really big impact on my life.

I’ve learned so much that has enabled me to become more successful and balance things better, to earn more money, to be more successful in so many ways.

It’s just so awesome that you can consume that free content wherever you are, even if you’re doing something else. I love listening to podcasts.

Well, and doing chores. So if you’ve never listened to podcasts, I just encourage you to give it a try. You want to find out more details about the podcast and how to give it?

What I’m saying is, if you think about what I’m saying about the podcast and about when it launches and where to find it, things like that, then you could either follow me on Instagram because I’m not going to, like, make a lot of videos here about it.

But you could follow me on Instagram at Gilli and Zee Perkins’. My middle name starts of the letters The Azem Zebra’s of Gillion Ze Perkins’.

Or you can go to my website, which is just gillion perkins’ dot com. And if you scroll down like the bottom of the page, there’s just like a newsletter, sign a form and you can type in your email there and then I’ll get you an email when it is launching.

But yeah, it’s going to be released at the end of January. There should be five or so episodes for you to binge.

Listen to knew right then. What else was I going to say about that.

And there will be an episode per week. So even though we’re cutting down to one episode here on YouTube, there will also be a second episode on the podcast.

So you will be able to get to like you’ll be able to hang out with me twice a week if you really want that much of B. I will definitely be sharing a couple here in this channel about the behind the scenes process of launching a podcast.

If you guys are interested in that, I don’t know a whole lot about the process, but I have teamed up with with Tara.

This is Tair or not not Tara, I hear in the comments, but Tara McMullen. And she is a great podcast or herself. And she is going to help me launch my podcast. Helped me launch. She is managing the launch of my podcast.

So I’m learning a whole lot from her in the process. And I would love to share some of that with you guys as well.

Let me comment right now, actually. Actually, it’s this way. It’s backwards on my phone. Leave me comment.

Tell me if you listen to podcasts and also tell me if you have any interest in starting a podcast yourself, because that will what we know, like how many videos I should do here about starting a podcast.

Dalmia. I think that’s how I scaping Delta asked, how do you plan on monetizing the podcast? That is a great question.

This is actually going to be a sponsor free flow. So you’re never going to hear me saying like this episode was brought to you by Squarespace or something like that. That is not going to happen. And the reason for that is not because I’m against sponsors at all. It’s just because I would rather sponsor it. Basically, I get visibility.

If I have exposure, if I have free advertising, I’d rather advertise my own business, my own products, than advertise someone else’s products and make money for them because I can make a lot more money advertising my own products, then I would get from a sponsor. So that is the plan, certainly for now.

I do not plan to change that. But I mean, I’m not like saying absolutely no to anything.

Offered me a million dollars advertise on my show. I would probably say yes, right, but I’m not planning on having any sponsors and someone would have to give me a lot of money to buy a very small bit of time. So someone said, please leave this live on YouTube.

Don’t delete it. Yes, I am going to leave this life. I had to delete blessed. Wouldn’t have to. I did delete the last livestream because we had some serious technical issues right at the beginning.

I didn’t want to subject anyone to that, but I will be leaving this live.

So, oh, I wanted to talk to you about the segment on my list. I just skipped this. Why am I starting a podcast?

I mean, I told you what it’s about, but I wanted to tell you why. Why don’t I just share this content? I get to. OK.

So basically, as much as I dearly love the YouTube algorithm and specifically I think that they use the algorithm is unrivaled for getting visibility on the Internet with the YouTube hour them.

It’s basically a machine that is sharing your content, your ads for your business with people who are most likely to be interested in them. So it’s free advertising.

In fact, it’s better than free because YouTube pays you. YouTube pays me something like five thousand dollars every single month to advertise my business here on YouTube. And that’s just a crazy, crazy opportunity. So use of algorithm. Amazing.

But there is one thing to think about the YouTube algorithm, the first if they’re related.

So it basically you can’t talk about anything boring on YouTube because Baret over there, you look down a little bit under those comments, you will see a whole long list of suggested.

Now, YouTube puts them there intentionally because if someone gets bored while they’re watching a video, YouTube doesn’t want the person to just leave YouTube, you know?

OK, I should go do my tourist now. I should go do my homework. They don’t want that happen. They want the person to find something else to interest them.

But what that means is that when I’m making YouTube video, if I get to a boring part of my YouTube video, I lose an awful lot of viewers.

But which is fine. OK. It’s it’s a free market. It’s competition. This is really totally fine. I’m not offended by it at all.

I understand why you two does it, but it means that I never get the opportunity to talk about boring stuff, because if I talk about boring stuff, then people stop watching.

I’m fine. But then the YouTube algorithm things people don’t like that video so they don’t share with people.

And then other people don’t hear the boring but sometimes very important parts because truth, there are things in life and in business that are important, that are not exciting or sexy. Right.

So the thing about the YouTube algorithm is that I can’t talk about any of those things because it won’t get spread on YouTube at all. No one will see the video promoted in their subscription TV and even have the option to watch it if I get into those more boring things

. Now, I’m not saying the podcast is going well. What I am saying is that I’m going to talk about some things on the podcast that aren’t the most exciting things, but they can have a really big impact on your business. Some things that have had a major impact on my business.

I want to share with you so that you can make more money in your business, but I just don’t have the opportunity to share them on YouTube effectively.

So that’s one of the main reasons why I’m starting podcast. The other reason which goes right along with that is that as much as I love watching YouTube and I really do, I spend too much time watching YouTube.

I would say it’s like probably one of my biggest vices or waste of time is I do love YouTube, but you can’t watch YouTube while you are driving. You can’t watch YouTube while you are mowing the lawn or well, you know, anything that you have to use your hands for or really pay attention to. You can’t watch YouTube.

Great. But there’s this other thing called podcasts. If you don’t know what a podcast is, it’s basically like a radio show that you can subscribe to. It is an audio.

How do I describe in podcast is it’s like an e-book or an. No, it’s like an audio book. It’s something you can listen to. You’re going to hear my voice, but you won’t see my face. You might miss my face. I don’t know.

But you will get to hear my voice while you’re doing something else. So if you can listen to them while you’re driving or while you’re doing tours, that’s my favorite thing to do, is listen to podcast while I view matures or. Well, I do boring work because I like to keep my mind.

I find that the most annoying or like unpleasant part of working out or doing any sort of physical labor is that my mind is bored.

So if I listen to a podcast while I’m working out, then I don’t get bored. And then I don’t even think about the fact that I’m working out.

So I want to give you guys that opportunity to you to get your learning on and to maybe be a little bit entertained even while you are doing other things so that you don’t have to, quote, waste your time watching YouTube so that you can get more done in less time and just think it’ll be a lot more efficient for all of us.

OK, so that’s pretty much everything that I wanted to say in today’s livestream. I can’t believe this ended up being 40 minutes. I told my husband I was going to be in here for like 20 minutes talking to you guys. Whoops. Oh.

So thanks so much for joining me, this little guy. I always love going live. I don’t have, like, a regular idea for something to do live.

So I just go live with like there’s something that it makes sense.

Like, it really made sense to come on here live today. Tell you guys about the new strategy. But I always love having you guys live in the comments and just getting to interact with you like this.

So thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for being here and for supporting my channel.

And I hope that you decide to join us for the podcast.

Yeah, but I’m going to wrap this up. I’ll be seeing you around. I need to figure out how to end this on my phone.


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