Your First YouTube Video How to Make

Your First YouTube Video How to Make
Your First YouTube Video How to Make

There are about four things that you have to have to have, like absolute necessities. The first one is the camera.

You probably anticipated that, right? Well, it could look like this. It could look like this. But whatever it looks like, you’ve got to have some kind of camera.

The second thing you need is a subject k something to film. Probably you think number three that you have to have is a place to film.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. I film a lot of blank wall, but you do need to have some place to film.

And for best results, I’d recommend that it’s relatively simple and free of clutter. And finally, the fourth thing that you have to have is light. This could be natural light room window.

It could be a ring light. It could be a lamp from your house. It could be soft box. But whatever it is, you have to have some sort of light because we won’t be able to see if you don’t have light.

And generally, the more light you can have, the better. Now, beyond those four things that you have to have. There are also a couple things that would be really nice to have.

One of those things is something to hold, said camera, like a tripod. I got this one right here, a Walmart for thirteen eighty three. So tripods don’t have too expensive.

Yes, it’s lightweight. No, I would not exactly recommend it, but it gets the job done. My camera’s sitting on it right now. Another thing that is really good to have is soft stuff like a pillow to absorb, echo and improve your sound quality.

And one more thing that’s not necessary, but really nice to have is some sort of external microphone.

You can get a little one like this and that can attach on top of your camera or on top of your phone, or you can use a lapel mike that will clip onto your shirt.

Or if you want to get really fancy, you can get a mike and put it on a boom pole that hangs over your head like this.

The first step of filming your first is to sit down and write a plan. This is actually one of the most important parts of the process.

And we’ll have a bigger impact on your final quality than almost anything else. Spreading your plan is actually more important than even your camera quality.

So whatever shots, if you want to include in your video to illustrate what you’re talking about, what do you actually want to have happen in your video? The next step is to get yourself did up.

This fact is that you will feel more confident on camera if you feel like you are looking your best. So do whatever will make you feel good about how you look.

Maybe it’s putting on a nice outfit, putting on a little makeup, doing your hair, whatever it is, Then it’s time to set up your filming equipment. That means maybe your tripod, your camera, your lights, your microphone.

If you’re using one and then it’s time to frame your shots, you’ve got that camera sitting on that tripod or you’re setting it on a table or a bookshelf or whatever you’re doing.

But you need to actually look through the viewfinder of the camera or look at your camera screen and see what people are going to see when they’re. What does that shot look like? Is there a way that you could frame it?

More interestingly or in a more balanced way, don’t just point your camera at the subject and shoot.

Actually, think about the composition of your shots. Now, as you bring more shots, you might notice a bit of clutter in them. I would highly recommend that you take a minute to clean up a little or maybe a lot so that there isn’t any distracting clutter in them.

Then it’s finally time for the most obvious part of the process, which is you need to sit down and actually talk to the camera. Now, of course, there’s lots of different ways you could do this.

You can do what I’m doing right here, just sitting and talking directly to the camera. And then I’ve added in these different extra shots called B roll.

Or you could just talk directly to the camera the whole time., I’d recommend you go for simple. I’d recommend that you talk to the camera for most and then maybe add in a couple extra shots, which we’ll talk about in just a minute.

Once you’re done talking to the camera, then it’s time to move on to the next step, which is to get some extra shots. I always recommend that even when you’re first starting out, you take just a few extra minutes to get some extra shots, because once you’ve already done all the work of setting up, you’ve tidied your space.

You’ve gotten yourself looking nice. You’ve set up your camera and your lights. It only takes a few more minutes to take a few extra shots that you can use to make you more dynamic and more interesting to watch. Once you finished filming everything for you.

Then it’s time to edit your footage. Now, on that extremely simple end of the spectrum here, all you need to do is cut out any mistakes or any pauses.

Is, if you want to make it a little bit more complex than you might add in some of those extra shots that you took to make it more interesting. To make it more interesting.

And then finally, you could consider adding in a little bit of music or some text graphics.

However, I would caution you to be very sparing with adding extra things to your video.

The best editing is generally the simplest editing. No fancy transitions, no elaborate graphics. Just keeping it clean and making it easy and enjoyable to watch.

If you’re not sure what program to use to edit your videos, then check below for some links to a few different options that I recommend. There’s even a couple that are free.

Once the edited to your satisfaction, then you can export the video and then uploaded to YouTube. The final step of this process is to not expect too much.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Making YouTube videos is an amazing opportunity. It’s changed my life in so many ways. But this is your first video and very rarely do people’s first completely hit it out of the park. Most of the time, first videos have a few issues or a lot of issues.

Most of us who make YouTube videos cringe. Looking back at our old videos, we wonder how we could possibly have been so awkward. Why couldn’t we figure out where to put our lights?

And didn’t we know that the camera had an autofocus feature? But that’s OK, because making your first video is just part of the process. It’s part of the learning.

And it’s the only way that you can move on to making your second and third and eventually hundredth video, which I promise will be much, much better than your first one.

So once you’ve made your first video uploaded to YouTube and just don’t expect too much.

Things will get better. And as they get better, more and more people will find your channel. This is a learning experience. Well, that’s pretty much it. That covers everything that you need to have and do to make your first YouTube.

If you do, in fact, follow these steps and you are starting your YouTube channel from the beginning, then I have a little something that can help you out. I put together a checklist of everything I wish I had done when I first started my channel.

I call it the channel launch checklist and it will walk you through everything you need to do when you first start your channel. If you want your channel to have the best shot at success that it can.

The checklist is completely free and there’s a link down below where you can download it right now.

Now you can just click that red button below so that you don’t miss my next video. I make two videos here on YouTube every single week, all about entrepreneurship, success and personal development. And I would love to have you join me for the next one.

Again, thank you so much for watching. I hope you’re having a fantastic week and I look forward to seeing you again next time you get into trouble.

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