With Your Phone How To Start A Youtube Channel

With Your Phone How To Start A Youtube Channel
With Your Phone How To Start A Youtube Channel

Hey, guys. I’m going to be teaching you how to start your own YouTube channel with your cell phone and nothing else, because I know not everyone has access to a laptop or a desktop computer.

So I’m going to walk you Step-By-Step through the process of everything you need to do to get your channel off the ground, get to first videos, upload it all on your cell phone.

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Now, if you’re just here for the actual process of creating the channel itself, because that part is actually really short.

The rest of the video is going to be about all the other things that you need to do in order to actually start your channel, not just create the account on YouTube. OK.

So that being said, let’s get on into it. The very first thing you need to do is simply decide what your channel is about.

Obviously, you don’t need your cell phone to do that, although you might want to look around YouTube, but some of your favorite channels to get some inspiration about how you could focus your channel. But that’s the first step.

Decide what your channel is about. So this is all stuff that I would recommend that you do before you ever actually create the tune and you want to go into it with a plan.

And that’s because if you come up with a lot of ideas, then you’re way more likely to find actually good ideas you’re able to pick from that huge collection that you’ve come up with and find the really, really good ideas.

So step number two, brainstorm video ideas. Then in step number three, you’re going to move on and actually pick your favorite ideas and get them on the calendar, because one of the biggest reasons that most YouTube fails fail is because someone starts the channel without a clear plan for how they’re going to be consistent.

And so three or four videos in, they just quit and they never make another video because they take a break for a little while. And then it feels awkward to come back and it doesn’t feel like they were seeing any growth anyway.

So I would really recommend that you schedule out at least about two months worth of videos so that once you get started, you’ll be able to keep going with it. OK, once you’ve done all that planning, then you get to actually create the channel. OK.

So all you need to do is get on your phone and click on the YouTube app. And then you’re gonna tap up here in the corner.

And for you it’s going to say sign in there if you’re not already signed and if you don’t have an account. And that’s going to take you to this screen right here.

But if you’re creating your new account, then you’re gonna click create account down here in the corner and you’re going to enter your name right here.

After you’ve entered, your name just hit next, and then you’re gonna enter your birthday here.

And then you get to choose your username for the G mail account that’s going to be associated with your YouTube account.

This isn’t gonna be your YouTube name. So you can enter anything here you want.

And then you’ll enter a password.

Then you’re just going to hit next. After you go through the privacy agreements.

And your account will be created and you’ll get to customize your account with some things that maybe you’re interested in.

And here you are signed into YouTube with your brand new YouTube account.

And so if we could tap up here, we can see that we are signed in as this new account, your YouTube channel is created now and you can pretty much get started uploading videos from here.

So once you have your video all ready to go, all you’re going to do to upload it is tap this camera button right here and you’ll be taken to this screen where you can upload.

You could record a video or go live, or you can find the video that you have in your storage that you’ve already recorded and edited on your phone. If this is your very first time uploading, then after you tap the video that you want to upload, it is going to confirm what you want your YouTube channel name to be.

And you need to make that name or whatever you want it to be before you create your channel. Now, you can changes in the future, so don’t stress about it too much.

But just know that that’s what you’re doing right here. So you can edit it a tiny bit right here if you wanted to trim the end or the beginning of the video. You can also obviously give it a title and you certainly should do this.

So in this case, we’ll just call it first video and then we’ll give it a description.

And then you can decide whether you want it to be public right now or if you want to set it as unlisted or private. If you want other people to be able to see it, you definitely will want to choose public.

You can choose to tag a location if you like. And once you have that all set up, then you’ll just tap this arrow to get to the next screen. Now is uploading and then processing because that I just uploaded was super short. That went really quickly.

it’s probably going to take between ten and 60 Minutes to upload if it takes longer than 60 Minutes. I’d recommend trying to find a different Internet connection. So now this video is already ready to watch.

So it is public on YouTube right now. And someone could go and find it already after you create your channel.

Then before you actually film videos and upload videos, I recommend that you do get your channel set up.

So you’ll want to enter in a description for your channel and you’ll want to create some artwork for your channel, otherwise known as a YouTube channel banner.

Now, there are a few different apps that you can use to do this on your phone. The first one is called SNAP Seed. It looks like this right here. All of these apps are free.

The next one is called Cannava. And that one looks like this. And then the last one is called Pick a Monkey. And that one looks like this.

And like I said, all of these apps are free. They’re all pretty easy to use. And you can use any of them to create your YouTube channel art right now.

And later on to create your thumbnails, which we’ll talk about in a minute. Once your channel art is created and it’s uploaded to your channel and your channel is basically all ready to go.

So the next thing that you need to do is actually create your videos. Now, So I’m just going to link that up in the card so that you can go watch that if you want to learn how to actually. And yes, you can film your video with your phone.

And that will work just fine after your video is filmed. Then you will need to edit it until just a couple of years ago, there weren’t very good options for editing on your phone. But now there are some really good ones. There are two that I would recommend.

The first one is called Kyne Master. And I’ll leave links to these different apps below so that you can find them really easily.

But Kind Master is free. Or you can upgrade for about five dollars a month to get rid of that watermark. The other app that I’d recommend I like even more, but it’s a little bit more expensive.

It is Adobe Premiere Rush. So it’s very similar to Adobe Premiere Pro that you might use on a desktop computer.

But you can use Adobe Premiere Rash on your phone. It costs ten dollars a month. I like it even better than kind master. It’s really easy to use.

And then you could reformat it so that it has different dimensions. So you could share it on script stories or Instagram, TV or something like that.

Another great thing about Adobe Premiere Rush is that if you do decide that you want to take your video a step further, you can actually share it in the Adobe Creative Cloud so that you could edit it even more on Adobe Premiere Pro that it opens up a lot of options and gives you even more flexibility if you want to do something else with you.

Once your video is filmed and edited, then there’s just one more thing that you need to do before you can upload it.

And that is create your thumbnail. Now you can use any of those three apps that I mentioned earlier, Pic Monkey Cannava or SNAP Seed to create your thumbnail on your phone.

Ground for your thumbnail and then you can add some text on top of that, the number one rule for making good thumbnails on YouTube is to just have them be clear.

We don’t want them to be too cluttering. They don’t add too many graphics or too many words. You want to keep it to just five to seven words or so.

So that when people see it, they know what about and they’ll know whether or not they want to watch it. OK.

So you’re almost there. You’ve planned out a great channel. You actually created your channel on YouTube. You filmed and edited your first video and now it’s uploaded.

But the last thing that you need to do, step number 10, is you need to rank your video on YouTube, because if you won’t be able to watch it, then they need to be able to find it.

Reinking Well, on YouTube. YouTube, MCO or search engine optimization is really not all that complicated. It’s all about giving So if you want to do that, then just make sure that your title is really clear. that you use some tags to tell YouTube .

So if you give it one title but you’re talking about something different in the video, then it’s not going to rank well on YouTube.

So you need to make sure that, first of all, your title and description and all the metadata is really clear and accurate.

The second thing is something you need to do when you’re actually make, which is to make as interesting as possible, because one of the things that YouTube cares about more than anything else is watch time on the videos.

So the longer you can keep people’s attention, the more YouTube will be recommending to more people.

And then the final thing is when you’re creating that thumbnail, if you can make it Eye-Catching and you can make it interesting so that people notice it and then they actually click on it, then that is going to improve your click through ratio, which is another metric that the algorithm really, really cares about. So those are the ten things that you need to do in order to start a YouTube channel with your phone.

Now, I know that at the end there, I was getting into some more complex stuff with how to rank you on YouTube.

If you guys want to see another video about how to get your videos to rank on YouTube, how to work with YouTube, SVO, then let me know in the comments down below.

I’d be happy to give you even more information on that, because if you’re bothering to make YouTube videos, obviously you don’t want to be wasting your time making videos that no one watches.

So I really want to make sure that you guys know how to get views on YouTube,. Right. Regardless of your specific reason, regardless of whether you’re trying to make money on YouTube or you just want to impact people or even if it’s just a creative hobby.

, the more fulfilling it’s going to be and the more it’s going to help you accomplish any of those goals.

If you guys enjoyed this, then be sure to hit the like button if you’re starting a YouTube channel with your phone. Let me know in the comments down below.

If you have a channel, tell me what it’s about down there, because I love hearing about all your different channels. I think it’s so interesting to hear about all the different things that people talk about on YouTube.

I’ll see you again next time.


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